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WHO I do it with ?


I believe that life is precious, that it is a gift that we should all strive to make the most of and to enjoy to it's absolute maximum.

We all have a limited amount of time available to us.

Let's make the most of it!!

Stressed Woman

My name is Rohan Cannon and I  coach and mentor


to treat and overcome chronic pain, trauma and loss, with or WITHOUT opiates and other pharmaceuticals.

I specialize in helping people REMOVE opiates from their life,

IF that's their goal, or to carefully and skillfully MANAGE their opiate, or other addictive drug use,

IF THAT'S their goal without ending up feeling like a drug has more control over their life than they do.

​The methods that I use to do this are unlike anything that anybody else is offering.

Stressed Woman

My Process

My process is totally unique to me and my clients, and the really amazing thing is that the methods that I developed actually not only show how it's possible to have a life free from the daily suffering of being in pain all the time,

.....if properly applied they also allow the individual to create a life filled with happiness, contentment, and abundance of all kinds,

Abundance of Love

Spiritual Abundance

Financial Abundance

These are the side effects of my methods

.......Pretty cool hey?

That impossible dream, that awesome perfect life that may seem so far away from where you are right now?


It already exists.

And there is a certain path that leads to this place,

this heaven on earth.

But it is a path that few have the courage to seek, and even fewer have the tenacity and commitment to follow all the way to it's destination.

Why ?

Because it will require commitment to your goals Because it will be out of your comfort zone at the beginning, Because some parts may be winding or steep.

Some parts may be really difficult to get to at first.

You will need to abandon your current identity and work together to create a new one, the new one will be fantastic, but letting go of the familiar (even when it sucks) is very difficult for most.

Fortunately I have discovered tools, techniques, products, mindsets and perspectives that can allow people to master this in a relatively short period of time.


If you want to complain and be a victim

......... Don't contact me

If you are not willing to be open minded and try new things that you may not have considered

......... Don't contact me


........... if you are ready to step into the life that you dream of, and you would like some very specific guidance based upon the exact way that I went from getting around on a mobility scooter, hanging around at hospitals way too much and suffering from extreme pain all the time, the life that I am now so privileged to enjoy these days,

Message me and we can get on a call and figure out exactly what you want your life to look like,

and what steps are needed to achieve this dream.

Support Group

​Jump in to this ONLINE workshop

 If you are someone who is suffering and sick of being stuck where you are, and you feel like you have what it takes to get there,

.......but you are not sure how to,

it would be my privilege to spend some time with you figuring out your best next moves,

whatever that may be.

Totally free of charge and obligation

As my gift to you


Because I get it.​


I know EXACTLY what it's like to wake up to relentless pain every single day of your existence.

I know Pain.

I know Trauma

Both physically AND emotionally

I also know what it's like to leave that behind

And I would love to point YOU in the direction of where I now stand,

Whether that's in one of my programs,

by yourself,

or with somebody else

I really just want YOU to have a better life.

Because I have been there.

I've been RIGHT were you are  now

......And I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy

If this sounds good, hit me up and I will shoot you an application and preliminary assessment sheets to fill out

and if that's all sweet we can book a video chat or call.

Because if YOU are excited to move towards this new life, then I am excited to assist you in achieving it.

My Story

Back in 2000 I underwent a vasectomy that radically changed my life.

It was the beginning of a very long and difficult journey struggling with neuropathic pain that resulted from nerve damage sustained during the original surgery and that actually got worse following a number of testicular surgeries that were performed in an attempt to resolve the pain.

Painful granulomas at the site of the spermatic cord nerve damage, were removed several times, in some cases resolving the pain on the side that it was performed upon,

however as one of the worlds most famous and talented micro-surgeons (Who performed the worlds first vasectomy reversal) Professor Earl Owen testified in the supreme court of Australia in my medical negligence case, when the phenomenon of painful neuropathies is initiated within the body at the site of nerve damage, although it is possible to then carefully remove the tissue and the neuroma, and in my case adjacent granulomas, cysts, hematomas, and hydocell, all of which my body was producing itself in response to the trauma at the site of the surgeries, the nerves are likely to reinitiate the processes that formed the neuroma again, leading to a return of the symptoms of pain, and the inflammatory response that accompanies it, with accompanying  chronic spermatic cord inflammation and a resurgence of pain.

Rohan's Family
Rohan's surgery
Rohan workour

The exact mechanism of why this happens is not completely understood, however the sensitive nature of the area makes it not really feasable to continue cutting things off indefinately in the hopes that at some point the issue will not recurr.

   Professor Owen, in one case of a man with this condition at the back of his knee was able to resolve this man's chronic pain after continuing to remove the neuroma's under the microscope again and again for about twenty years, at which point his body did not produce a new one, resulting in a cure.

   My Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome was also made significantly worse by subsequent surgeons (unbeknownst to me) converting my open ended vasectomy into a closed ended vasectomy, likely due to the statistics that show a lower rate of granuloma formation with a closed end,

the theory I believe being that there is an autoimmune response involved due to the fact that sperm is recognised as a foreign body.

This lead to extremely painful congestive epididymitus as the back pressure of sperm built up and ultimately led to me having to undergo  a bilateral epididymectomy,

which although successful in curing the congestive epididymitus and resulting in a reduction of the pain,

still left me living in extreme pain that would fluctuate greatly depending upon my activity levels and also from what I now believe,

my exposure to various environmental triggers and factors that effect both the human hormonal systems and also importantly the immune system and autoimmune response (specific antibody creation)


I went from an extremely busy motivated high achieving energetic entrepreneur, to a man who woke each and every day into a world of pain and suffering.

My life became a merry go round of pain management techniques, in the early days consisting of constant tretments using accupuncture, massage, meditation, pain clinics, and countless drug treatments, antideppressents, anti-inflammatories, anti phychotics, antiepileptics and so forth.

Near the beginning I was needing 3200mg of tramadol to control the pain, and over the years the analgesics needed to be increased substantially to control the pain.

After a while I settled on a widely variable dose to match the variability of the pain, of between 300 to 1000mg daily of slow release morphine sulfate, usually about 600mg daily.

rohan;s youtube profile pic.jpg

   Following the settlement of my medical negligence case I had an intrathecal pump implanted that then supplied Hydomorphone and ropivicaine directly to the CSF, at the site of the appropriate nerve branch.

   For reasons that are unclear as yet I began years later to develop very significant pain at the site of a disc crush in my spine,

following a Nissen Fundiplication Surgury, which is also the same area as the testicular nerve branch,

and the site of the catheter tip for the intrathecal pump.


In 2016 I attended hospital for replacement of the intrathecal pump as the battery had reached the end of it's life.

This.....(which for reasons also as yet unclear) was the point where my pain,

which had been reasonably controlled using the pump, spun totally out of control,

eventually leading to an inability to control it even with the pump delivering (including boluses), over 2500ug of hydomorphone (an oral equivilant of over 3000mg of morphine and with my very poor oral analgesic response, in my case probably close to 4000mg),

   After a very lengthy, very high dose  Ketamine infusion managed to stop it increasing and settle it only a little

......things were not looking good.

   By this time I had a huge raft of other extremely serious health issues, everything from gastroperisus, insanely high blood pressure, out of control cholesterol, tachycardia, hypogonadism, carpel tunnel syndrome and widespread nerve disfunction, circulation issues, bowel complaints and a mass within my small bowel that couldn't be seen with the scope from either end, serious chronic fatigue, inability to control body temperature, hyperhydrosis, although my severe sleep apnea and reflux had been resolved following the fundiplication.

   Needless to say I did not have long to live, and was also now in a level of pain that made it not worth living at  any rate.

   And so I began the process of preparing for death, needing to detach from everything and everyone within this earth plane of existence.

   I was in a panic for some time, stuck on the idea that I needed to leave this big legacy behind, that I needed to provide for my family for the rest of their lives, by accumulating enough resources so that they could not run out once i was gone.

   Obviously this was impossible with my health so bad and so I was overwhelmed with feelings of failure.

Failure as a man

Failure as a provider

Failure to be the ongoing protector keeping my family safe

Failure to finish all of the projects that I had started,

and the dreams that I had envisioned for our lives.

Although this was of course an extremely difficult and challenging time for myself and my family, in hindsight it was actually a gift,

For it gave me ultimate perspective on what is really important in life, and that is connection with other humans.

After about ten days in hospital having a continuous Ketamine infusion, I began to notice, due to the dissociative effects of Ketamine most likely,

that I began to really get in touch with my Higher Self, as it's known, a deep spiritual connection to a higher source of information.

You could call it a connection to God, or to source, or to the matrix field, whatever, the label is not important, what is important is that there is without doubt a source of information through which humans on earth can gather information.

It could very well be a hard drive, if it turns out that we are living in a simulation, which makes a lot of sense mathematically,

and could well be true. Certainly both Einstein and Tesla were straight up about the fact that they didn't "come up with" their greatest work.

The information just arrived out of nowhere, straight from a universal field of information. Certainly it has been shown countless times through more and more sophisticated versions of the famous double slit experiment, that particles only "exist" ......or collapse out of a waveform state of pure information and become measurable, IF, and only IF they are being observed by a conciousness,

be that conciousness right beside it, or on the other side of earth.

It has also shown that particles have no problem going backwards through time within these experiments.

For fascinating insights into these experiments and all things around simulation theory, Professor Tom Campbell, with his my big TOE is an excellent resource.

   The information that I began to recieve was telling me that there was in fact a way that I could get better, although to do so I would need to abandon my obsession with scientific evidence based treatments, and use intuitive guidance, and that this source could, should I be able to surrender fully, guide me towards the correct answers and I would thus be able to avoid death and carry on.

   So after some initial skepticism, with nothing left to lose I embarked upon this quest for answers to my pain and other illness.

I began to ask for guidance within my quest for answers to the problems that were destroying my body.

   I spent many many months every day researching many different treatments from all over the world, sifting through them as best as I could while I continued to develop the skills needed to diferentiate between what my ego or brain was telling me, and what was pure source information.

I eventually found things that worked, not just to treat symptoms like chronic pain, but the actual "incurable" underlying condition.

It was pretty scary at first, in fact utterly terrifying, simply because I had been programmed to be terrified of certain things by society, things that were and are actually extremely safe and effective at treating pain, stress and other complaints that I was suffering from, which included serious gut issues  and emmbedded trauma, in addition to the actual methods that I discovered for epigenetic neurogenisis of peripheral nervous system damage, the primary source of data that my body was using to create the experience of pain from.

Over the next few years up until the end of 2019 I completely rebuilt my body, trying a vast array of different treatments and medicines and natural products and plant based therapies.

   This cost me many hundreds of thousands of dollars in total, but here I am as of 2020, a fit strong man, 55kg lighter, with normal blood pressure, no longer consumed with pain, and having no need or wish to take any opiates at all.

I tested and refined, tested and refined,

kept finding and developing methods and strategies for all of the illnesses that I was suffering from,

and I no longer need to visit the pharmacy every month for two huge shopping bags of medicines,

some of which were actually making me sicker.

   Once I began to test some of the most amazing treatments,

it became clear, and then clearer still through research,

that some have been intentionally withheld from the public so that big pharma can make trillions of dollars keeping people sick treating symptoms instead of admitting that there are things that can really help people to a huge degree,

mostly because they are not able to be patented and exploited financially,

and also for the purposes of power and control

..... to keep people "Unwoke" and unaware that they are being exploited

and essentially kept in slavery for the benefit of a tiny tiny group of individuals at the top.

In essence what was becoming clearer and clearer was that some of the people that I had been programmed to believe were whackjobs,

were in actual fact spot on and correct,

And that it was in fact I that had been very wrong in many ways.

I became committed to the idea of sharing my knowledge so as to assist others on their own  journey,

with an obvious deep compassion, sympathy and understanding for men who suffer from testicular pain,

and especially those suffering in pain following vasectomy or other testicular trauma.

This is a very very brief summary of my journey, the full story will no doubt fill a book or three.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

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