Energetic Healing with Rohan

Who is this for?

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Do  you feel stuck?
Do you have unexplained anger or frustration?
Do you suffer from unexplainable tiredness or lethargy?
Are you struggling with pain?
Be it physical, emotional or spiritual?
Do you recognise that this is affecting your relationships, finances, health, family and or happiness?

Are you ready to step into the life that you deserve?

If so, and you feel guided that Rohan may be the person to assist you with this, feel free to schedule a discovery call with Rohan so that he can get clear on IF and how he can assist you to solve these problems through an energetic healing.
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Why Wait?

chances are if you've landed here you already know,
So the question is more how much longer are you willing to allow yourself to continue to stay where you're at?
If the answer to that is
"Not a minute longer"
For a full description of what Rohan offers for an initial consultation, click here.
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What happens?

Rohan will meet with you via zoom or in person to conduct either a full initial assessment,
Or for a brief consultation followed by the energetic healing if you have worked together prior.
If you've worked with Rohan before and wish to book another session "click here"
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Rohan is available for both remote sessions on zoom and in person sessions.

For in person sessions please contact Rohan via messenger or email.


We apologise but  due to COVID travel restrictions Rohan is currently unable to conduct in person sessions outside of Australia indefinitely. 


Due to travel restrictions within Australia in person sessions outside of Victoria at this stage seem likely to be able to resume as of beginning of 2021

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