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Thanks for taking an interest in the healing powers of Cannabis

My friend Ron Lynch is an entrepreneur extraordinaire

Marketing expert

.....And all round great guy

Ron Lynch is the creator of 


the worlds first revolutionary online system that directly matches up people in need with people who can help.


Without Ron's incredible vision and passion for helping others many thousands of families worldwide would have gone without food during the COVID-19 Crisis.

One thing that I bet you didn't know about Ron is that he spent most of his life thinking that cannabis was all about hippies getting high.

That was until he found one of the rental homes that he owned had been completely filled with

indoor cannabis plants without

his knowledge.

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During the process of trying to get his house back everything that he thought he knew about cannabis got turned on its head.


This so revolutionised Ron's way of thinking that he not only wrote several books on the subject but became an investor in the cannabis industry.

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Image by Roberto Valdivia

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