Frequently asked questions

Q) How often should I use BioCharge?


A)   We recommend monthly application.


Q)   What is a biostimulant? And what makes BioCharge the best biostimulant?

A)   A biostimulant is a substance or microorganism applied to soil or plants with the aim to enhance nutrition efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance and/or crop quality traits


BioCharge is what is specifically known as a fermented biostimulant. 

  • There are a wide range of bacteria, yeasts and related organisms that do not use oxygen to breathe. They are known as anaerobic microbes. 

  • Fermentation is where these microbes are cultured in no oxygen conditions.


  •  During fermentation these microbes create a number of compounds known as fermentation products.


  •  Most of these products are beneficial and include vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and organic acids, aldonic and carbonic acids and much more. These products contain plant growth factors and microbes and they can provide a number of beneficial functions to soils and plants including:


  •  Improving the cycling of nutrients 

  •  Chelating nutrients  

  • Stimulating root growth 

  •  Reducing plant stress 


  •  Increasing plant health and SUPERCHARGING YOUR PLANTS GROWTH.


Q) How long will it take me to see results using BioCharge?

A)   Rebuilding the health and vitality of your soil will likely take anywhere from 12 weeks to 12 months, however your patience will be rewarded as you will then have a stable system that will deliver outstanding results year after year consistently without the cost and inconvenience of force-feeding your plants with chemical fertilizers and the associated biological stressors that leaves your plants vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Rome wasn't built in a day and doing things the right way, the natural way, the best way will always take some patience. You will be rebuilding an entire Ecosystem of living creatures, a complex community of biodiversity.

This will take some time

how long it takes depends on many factors but it won't happen over night.

Think of your current soil at a microscopic level, like the ravaged remains of a war torn country. First we feed the hungry masses, we upgrade their homes and allow them to get their full strength back through a healthy diet. Now they start breeding prolifically and as this generation reaches maturity the work force suddenly increases massively in both strength and numbers. THEN we see huge results.

Just dumping a huge amount of food or building materials in front of the sick and injured remains of a population will not get a city rebuilt overnight.

First we nurture so they can heal and rebuild, then your army of soil warriors will be unstoppable and you can be assured of generations of prosperity.

Rest assured if you are patient and feed your soil regularly with BioCharge you WILL see amazing results. We guarantee it.


Q) Will I need to use BioCharge forever?

A)   Once your soil is thriving with life again although you shouldn't need it, you can use a drastically reduced maintenance dose as an ongoing microbial food source.


Q) Can BioCharge burn or damage my plants if applied too heavily?

A)   No, BioCharge is not a harsh chemical fertilizer that can seriously damage your plants if accidentally over applied. You need never worry about that happening as BioCharge is a safe natural product that works in harmony with nature.

Having said that crop trials have shown that applying at much higher rates than necessary can actually result in reduced rates of plant growth. BioCharge is ultra concentrated and amazing value for money.


Q) Is BioCharge just for soil, or can i apply it directly to my plants foliage too?

A)   Although BioCharge is designed specifically for the roots zone, the amino acids polysaccharides, vitamins, humic acids enzymatic proteins and other compounds that develop during our special fermentation process are loved by your plants so don't be afraid of applying to the foliage as you treat your soil.


Q) What happens during the fermentation process?

A)   During fermentation a number of beneficial compounds are created including vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, organic acids, plants growth factors and microbial communities

 these lead to;

  • improved cycling of nutrients

  • chelating nutrients

  • stimulating root growth

  • reducing plant stress

  • increasing health

once these microbes get to work in your soil they will kick start production of organic acids such as; (citric, oxalic, tartaric, succinic, and a-ketogluconic) that can then directly dissolve rock Potassium and chelate silicon ions.

Low availability of Absorbable Forms of phosphorus represents an important problem also......... Even when P fertilizers are added to soils they may not be absorbed by plants because P is readily bound to soil particles thereby becoming unavailable. Microorganisms provided by using BioCharge ensure that P is made soluble through production of organic acids and phosphatases. Organic acids transform insoluble phosphate forms through their hydroxyl and carboxyl groups. These groups chelate the cations bound to phosphate converting it to soluble forms.


So what are you waiting for? Give your soil what it's been craving.

Get some BioCharge today!