Soil Biostimulant For MAX Growth

BioChargeTM  will massively upgrade and SUPERCHARGE YOUR SOIL

creating and nurturing an entire living microscopic ecosystem, a complex web of different and diverse life in many forms, like a city filled with tiny workers, each doing their own job to give the plants above the resources they need, in the forms that  they can use to grow to their MAXIMUM potential.



Poor quality soil is everywhere. Even soil that looks fantastic is often not filled with the correct types and diversity of microscopic life to give plants what they need for rapid supercharged growth.


BioChargeTM  UNLOCKS your soil's true potential by stimulating and feeding the unseen world of hidden life that is vital to liberate and make available to your plants all of the nutrients that are sitting there going to waste through poor biological diversity within your soil. 

  • Are you tired of seeing your plants, vegetables, lawns and fruit not live up to their full potential?


  • Are you concerned about the rampant use of fertilisers & chemicals?


  • Have you ever noticed that the plants you buy for your gardens don't always end up growing as big as the pictures on the tags, & that most of the instant turf that gets laid ends up looking really average within a year or two?

What if you could actually begin to get BETTER and BETTER results year after year?








  • All while using LESS fertilisers 

  • No chemicals and sprays

  • And slashing the amount of work that you are currently doing


Just by learning a SECRET that the greatest gardeners of all time have known about for ages? 


A SECRET that will ensure that you will grow the safest, healthiest, most abundant plants, flowers and produce that you have EVER SEEN, right in your home garden.

  • If you are open.

  • If you are the kind of person who is willing to try something new.

  • If you decide to make the right choice, and invest in something different.

THE SECRET............... is in your soil.


Or at least it can be,



A new kind of answer, for a new better world.





 to make the right choice




The smart choice


  • You will be glad you did, when others begin to notice that what YOU grow stands head and shoulders above what everybody else grows.

  • And you will finally know how to do it with ease, and without all of that hard work

  • Because you will be using a revolutionary new product that  harnesses  the POWER of mother nature, rather than fighting her or hurting and degrading her.


Working WITH nature to finally get the results that you have always dreamed of.


  •  Helping us to build a new better world,


  •  One where we are in harmony with nature.


  • One that we will be PROUD to turn over to our children.


If that sounds good to you, let me introduce you to an amazing product that is taking the horticultural world by storm.


It's called BioCharge, and it will revolutionise how you grow plants by SUPERCHARGING your soil.

So what is BioCharge?


BioChargeTM  is a soil and plant biostimulant.


BioCharge UNLOCKS your soils true potential by inoculating, stimulating and feeding the unseen world of hidden life that is vital to liberate and make available to your plants all of the nutrients that are sitting there going to waste through poor biological diversity within your soil. 


  • If you take great pride in the appearance of your home and gardens,

  • Want to have the biggest brightest flowers and greenest lawns in the neighborhood,

  • And if you want to do it with less work than you ever thought possible,





Get ready to experience

  • Increased Yields

  • Bigger brighter flowers and fruit

  • Plant life flourishing like never before




BioChargeTM provides the food that microscopic life needs to flourish 


  • BioCharge kickstarts and supports proliferation and diversity within the unseen community below the surface of your soil.


  • According to numerous scientific studies, biostimulants like BioCharge,  based on humic, fulvic, and carboxylic acids have been proven to increase growth rates and yields.


  • For example in the case of apricots, control trees showed a yield of 12 kg fruit/tree and after the application of humic and fulvic acids together and carboxylic acids in a separate experiment, the yield of the trees increased to 21 kg of fruit/tree and 19 kg of fruit/tree, respectively.

Do you love your garden and want it to be a safe clean space for your family?

BioChargeTM  offers you:

Great reduction in fertiliser inputs

Is highly concentrated & extremely cost effective 

Results in thriving, stunning gardens and turf

  1. BioCharge converts nutrients into the forms that your plants can absorb and use

  2.  BioCharge reduces or eliminates nutritional deficiencies that weaken growth

  3.  BioCharge supports increased root growth for even more nutrient uptake

BioChargeTM contains amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, humic acids, organic carbon, and enzymatic proteins, for MAX plant growth.


The peptides and amino acids contained in these formulations demonstrate a protective action against excessively high temperatures in the summer season and induce root growth and development, while vitamins and humic acids result in increases of fruit growth. 


 A high yield of vegetables may be obtained by using BioCharge due to its mixture of amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, humic acids, and other compounds. Each of the substrates of the mixture affects another biochemical process occurring in the soil and plant, which allows for the achievement of the desired effect


Would you like to provide your family with healthy  food and surroundings, preferably organic and/or homegrown fruits and vegetables?


 Do you love the idea of strengthening your plants immune system naturally?


BioChargeTM  is a naturally fermented Australian made product


BioChargeTM will reduce your fertiliser input drastically


BioChargeTM will upgrade your plants ability to defend itself naturally against pests and disease


  • Converts nutrients into the forms that your plants can actually absorb and use


  • Reduces or eliminates nutritional deficiencies that weaken growth


  • Liberates nutrients ALREADY Present so that you don’t need to buy more


BioChargeTM is a completely natural product 

made in Australia from Australian sugar cane, and other special ingredients, fermented to produce a product that will SUPERCHARGE your soil and your plants.




This then allows your upgraded soil  to feed your plants with less fertiliser and water.

Professionals use soil  biostimulants  because they know that a thriving biological community within your soil is the basis for awesome plant growth. 

Benefits to you

  • increase the long-term viability and sustainability of your soil

  • become more environmentally friendly

  • respect and nurture your land, don't dominate and deplete it

Make the right choice today by choosing 



You will be glad that you did.