Soil bio stimulant for max plant growth!


BioCharge 2.0?

(Coming soon)


BioCharge has been helping Australians grow bigger, brighter flowers & increase their yields of  fruits and vegetables for years, and to create beautiful, stunning gardens by supercharging their soil.

How does BioCharge supercharge your soil?

By nurturing and growing the unseen microscopic community of biological life that is the basis of all phenomenal soils and essential for maximum health  and productivity of anything growing within that soil.

We are making some changes


BioCharge has always been an amazing product however, here at BioCharge we are always striving to do better.


So when we lost our original bulk supplier that was fermenting our product, we knew that the only obvious thing to do was to take matters into our own hands and not only take over all aspects of the creation of our product ourselves in house but also to go back to scratch and somehow find a way of creating an even more amazing upgraded product than the original



So we threw ourselves into research and development, setting up meetings with new suppliers, fermentation experts and on farm testing and crop trial partners to create a new product the likes of which Australians have never experienced.

As we speak, this phenomenal new BioCharge 2.0 is under development.


The new BioCharge will not only incorporate all of the awesomeness from our original product containing proven highly effective plant and soil supercharging ingredients, it will include an even greater more diverse range of beneficial soil microbial inoculants, tested and proven by Australian scientists and the CSIRO to give you the soil of your dreams.

A complete highly nutritious, carefully crafted balanced diet to stimulate and feed a proliferation of life within your soil, thereby ensuring that your own personal invisible microscopic army of unseen gardeners can go to work breaking down and releasing the nutrients your plants require to thrive, in exactly the same way as your own personal army of microscopic workers within your gut breakdown the complex nutrients that you provide your body with each time you have a meal.

Just like you it is impossible for your plants to thrive and grow to their full potential without their personal army being fed ITS OWN balanced, nutritionally appropriate diet.


In other words BioCharge has always been the prebiotic and basic probiotic supplement that YOU NEED for your flowers, fruits, lawns and vegetables.


Almost seems too good to improve upon doesn't it?


But we found a way

We decided to develop a new system to  supply an even greater diversity of  soil inoculants ensuring that no matter what type of soil you have or how good you currently think it is, BioCharge 2.0 will undoubtedly take your soil and subsequently everything growing within and above it to a level of awesomeness almost unimaginable



 You know that your plants will love it.

And you will too.

Biocharge 2.0

Coming soon