Does pain control your life?

Is your pain affecting others?
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Are you often overwhelmed by your pain and just want a solution?
Do you want to know how to better control your pain and step into your best life?

End The Suffering!

With this 5 Day ONLINE Pain Workshop!
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Who is this Workshop for?

This 5 Day Pain ONLINE Workshop


"End The Suffering"


is for you if you want to overcome... Physical pain - overcome chronic pain

It can also help you with

Emotional pain and trauma - overcome emotional blocks

Spiritual pain (awakening) - Navigating your way through the

awakening process

Neck Treatment

For people who want to retake control of their lives and free themselves from their pain.


In 5 days, I’m going to help you understand how to control your Pain with some of the most powerful  methodologies on the planet,

….... and ensure you leave with skills and knowledge you can implement.

What's covered in this workshop?

this workshop will cover...

  • What is pain and why does it exist?

  • Pain/ Stress cycles

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Dietary influences on pain

  • Subconscious Programming

  • Personal development, mindfulness and meditation for pain

  • Visualisation techniques for pain

  • Creating awesome relationships with health care providers that leads to them bending over backwards to improve your life

  • Energy fields

  • Epigenetics for neuropathy

  • Spiritual awakening

  • Dietary supplements, amino acids, herbal treatments and neurotransmitter precursors for pain and mood

  • Treating pain with psilocybin and other psychedelics

  • Identity Crisis and being stuck

All lessons will be delivered LIVE each day within a private Facebook group with recordings available for those who cannot attend live.     Includes lifetime access to

ALL FUTURE VERSIONS AND RELEASES OF THIS WORKSHOP so you can join in to as many future workshops as you choose TOTALLY FREE

What are you waiting for?

Welcome my friend !

 I believe that life is precious, that it is a gift that we should all strive to make the most of and to enjoy to its absolute maximum.


➞  We all have a limited amount of time available to us.


➞   Let's make the most of it!!

        That impossible dream, that awesome life that may seem so far away from where you are right now?

         It already exists.

        And there is a certain path that leads to this place.

➞   I have discovered tools, techniques, products, mindsets and perspectives that can allow people to revolutionize their lives.

➞   After all I spent year after year researching and learning this stuff.​

  I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying all sorts of treatments, many of which were ineffective.​

But you don't need to waste years or decades looking for answers yourself like I did.
You don't need to spend hundreds of thousands like I did.
Stressed Woman

Why would you?

When I already did all that.

SO...... How much would you be willing to pay for this life that you want?


(A tiny fraction of what it cost me)

To achieve the results that I have $50K would be an absolute bargain.

"  Dirt Cheap "

And that's what I charge for my elite high end coaching packages


I wish that it had only cost me double that to find these answers.

But you won't pay that.


you won't even pay $5000

Let me ask you something

What is your pain really actually costing you right now?

What is it costing you in lost productivity?

Days off?

What is it costing you in precious time LOST with your children?

Time with your partner?

These are losses that can NEVER EVER be regained.

Work Desk
Happy Family

Once that time with your children...... in a happy emotional 

state is gone, it is GONE FOREVER.

  • Children grow up SO FAST.

  • It's like we blink and it's over.

My own daughter witnessed me suffering in huge pain from the age of two years until she moved out of home at 18. She has suffered from serious PTSD from growing up seeing her dad suffering like that.


Even after many years of therapy she still struggles with serious anxiety and trauma from witnessing my pain.


No child should have to go through that. She has much therapy still to do.


We MUST NOT underestimate just how much damage is done to our loved ones through having to witness our suffering first hand, and that is without even considering everything that they miss out on, and the dire consequences of living in a house with that much ongoing stress

  • DON"T let your children suffer the same fate.

  • It is extremely damaging and unfair.

And now tell me this.......

What is it GOING to cost you in the future?

Stress hormones that are released when you are in pain have a huge cascade of effects on your health and wellbeing.

Long term chronic stress is the cause of many many serious diseases.


It can even result in TERMINAL ILLNESS.

That is how serious this stress can be.

Please DON'T WAIT until it is too late.

Stressed Man


Sign up for this workshop !

Protect your loved ones AND yourself by learning new pain management and stress management tools from someone that has been there AND wants to share knowledge and wisdom gained.

Why would I do that?

Because you are lucky enough to have discovered me right now And you are able to get in at the INSANE introductory price of

$49 USD

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Because these prices will be going up SIGNIFICANTLY

in the not too distant future

........... if you are ready to step into the life that you dream of, and you would like some very specific guidance based upon the exact way that I went from getting around on a mobility scooter, hanging around at hospitals way too much and suffering from extreme pain all the time,

..........to the life that I am now so privileged to enjoy these days,

Wandering Traveler

​Jump in to this ONLINE workshop

 If you are someone who is suffering and sick of being stuck where you are, and you feel like you have what it takes to get there,

.......but you are not sure how to,

 I would love to share some tips and tools with you.


Because I get it.​

I know EXACTLY what it's like to wake up to relentless pain every single day of your existence.

I know Pain.

I know Trauma

Both physically AND emotionally

I also know what it's like to leave that behind

And I would love to point YOU in the direction of where I now stand,

There will also be worksheets,






And one lucky participant will win 


That's right I will actually be PAYING one participant

$49 to do the workshop and they will STILL


GET LIFETIME ACCESS to all future workshops.

I really just want YOU to have a better life.

Stressed Woman

See you there!!!

$49 USD

Love it or get 100% money back