Provides the food that microscopic life needs to flourish 


Kickstarts and supports proliferation of diversity within this unseen community 


Converts nutrients into the forms that your plants can RAPIDLY absorb and use


Reduces or eliminates nutritional deficiencies that weaken growth


Supports increased root growth for even more nutrient uptake


Requires less fertiliser input for the same results 


Supports and strengthens your plants natural immune system so that it can fight off pests 

and disease NATURALLY, the way nature intended.


Is made from a natural source of organic carbon and polysaccharides, derived from sustainable Australian grown sugarcane. 

Home Gardening

Soil bio stimulant for max plant growth!



grow 2x faster

Unlock Nutrients

Increase Yield

Are your plants growing to their full potential?

Chances are they are unable to simply due to your soils reduced biological activity.

BioCharge UNLOCKS your soils true potential by stimulating and feeding the unseen world of hidden life that is vital to liberate all of the nutrients that are sitting there going to waste within your soil!

Black Soil

The Problem

Poor quality  soil is everywhere. Even soil that looks fantastic is often not  filled with the correct types and diversity of microscopic life to give plants what they need for rapid supercharged growth.

Biocharge UNLOCKS your soil's true potential by stimulating and feeding the unseen world of hidden life that is vital to liberate and make available to your plants all of the nutrients that are sitting there going to waste through poor biological diversity within your soil.

Garden Soil
Botanical Garden
  1. Grow 2x Faster!

  2. Increase Yields!

  3. bigger, brighter flowers and fruit!

  4. greener lawns!

  5. Natural pest and disease resistance!



  • Greener lawns

  • Increased Yields

  • Bigger brighter flowers and fruit

  • Reduction in fertiliser inputs

  • An excellent return on your investment

  • Plant life flourishing like never before

Pink Flowers

To this!

Get your plants from looking like this

  • Grow bigger and brighter flowers, fruits and vegetables than you ever thought possible.


  • Have the healthiest plants and the greenest lawns on the whole street. 


  • Grow plants so big and healthy, nobody will believe you actually grew them yourself. 

yellow flower

The Promise

BioCharge will massively upgrade and SUPERCHARGE YOUR SOIL, creating and nurturing an entire living microscopic ecosystem, a complex web of different and diverse life in many forms, like a city filled with tiny workers each doing their own job to give the plants above the resources they need, in the forms that they can use to grow to their MAXIMUM potential.


Sunflower Close Up

Professionals use soil bio-stimulants  because they know that a thriving biological community within your soil is the basis for all plant growth.


Without it it's like trying to drive a car without wheels no matter how much or what fuel you put in, it's not going to move!

Don't let that expensive fertiliser you bought go to waste by sitting unused within the soil.

Locked out by inadequate biological activity, choose BioCharge to release the full potential of that expensive fertiliser you paid for!




What is BioCharge?

Vegetable Garden

BioCharge is a high quality bio-stimulant.

Our naturally sourced Australian product is made from only the best sustainably harvested sugar cane and secret proprietary inoculants.

It is crafted and carefully fermented to develop it’s powerful, biological, living structure.

It will both inoculate and feed the pre-existing range of life within your soil that is so often degraded.


This UNLOCKS the potential of any fertilizer that is applied to soil and plants by stimulating the proliferation of microscopic life that is necessary for your plants to thrive and grow bigger and deliver better yields.

The symbiosis created boosts your plants natural immunity to pests and diseases.

So if you want the greenest lawns,

The biggest brightest flowers,

The most delicious fruits and veggies.

Do yourself a favour and pick up some BioCharge Today!